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Mobile Phone Users Please Note!
This website was created in 2004, before smartphones arrived, before the iphone was invented, and when all screens were expected to be desktop size.
This means that left-swiping, right-swiping, pinching and the many other screen tricks that make websites easy to read are not yet available here.
I intend to rectify this and re-design the website when time allows.
I hope that you are still able to enjoy my paintings and models.

What's here? Steve Dunne's Watercolours and Oil Paintings!
This is the archive of my paintings .
Watercolour painting is a great pleasure in my life, first discovered early in 2003. They are painted with ideas drawn from various sources - some from photographs, some from exercises at Jeremy Taylor's Saltaire workshops, some based on works by other artists, and even some from real life! (Some of the earlier watercolours are based on works by other artists - my thanks to all of them).
The watercolours are arranged chronologically in galleries, with Gallery 1 showing my first attempts at painting in early 2003.
In late 2003 I started showing my watercolours at the Ilkley exhibitions of the British Watercolour Society.
In Spring 2005 I was elected an Associate, and in Spring 2006 elected a full Member of the British Watercolour Society.
In Summer 2009 I started to paint in Oils - and why not!?

Art Gallery and Exhibitions
The painting Buskers in Kingston was a finalist in Leisure Painter Magazine's "Simply the Best" competition, and exhibited on their stand at the National Exhibition Centre, November 2007. I was also a finalist at Patchings Art Centre, Leisure Painter exhibition, June 2008.

Contact me by email!
I hope that you enjoy your visit to this site. If you have any comments to make on the watercolours, or on the site, then please let me know!
You are welcome to email me at any time, even if it's just for a comment, chat or question - particularly about watercolours!
If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings, please contact me by email by clicking on this link.

Model Aircraft
My other hobby is flying radio-controlled model aircraft. A few examples are shown here.
There is much more to see on the website of the Dales Model Flying Club, where I flew regularly unti it closed in 2016. I now fly with the North Leeds Model Flying Club.

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